Sanchit Balchandani Open Source Enthusiast

About Me


Sanchit is an experienced Software Engineer based in Hyderabad and currently working as an Engineering Manager at EPAM India. In his current role, Sanchit is responsible for leading the Python Discipline at EPAM India. With extensive experience developing backend engineering projects, he has worked across diverse domains such as healthcare, Ad Tech, Ecommerce, Infrastructure, and Automation. His primary areas of interest include Infrastructure, Cloud, and SRE. Furthermore, He is actively involved in promoting the growth of the software community in Hyderabad, as a co-organizer of open-source communities such as HydPy & DSUGHyd.



Python, Django, Flask, Redis, Celery, MySql, Mongo, NodeJs, Typescript


JavaScript, ReactJS(Novice), HTML and JQuery


Docker, Terraform, AWS, Jenkins, Gitlab-CI, Git, Gitlab, Azure DevOps