Sanchit Balchandani Open Source Enthusiast

About Me

Hey! I'm a Software Engineer based out of Hyderabad and currently working at EPAM Systems as a Lead Engineer. I've been playing around with softwares and building applications from quite sometime now. I mostly code in Python and work on backend engineering projects. I've worked on domains like healthcare, ad-tech, infrastructure & automation. I've great inclination towards Infrastructure & SRE domain which is why I like playing around with tools like docker, jenkins & gitlab-ci. I'm also a co-organizer of some of the open source communities in Hyderabad like HydPy & DSUGHyd.



Python, Django, Flask, Redis, Celery, MySql, Mongo, NodeJs


JavaScript, ReactJS(Novice), HTML and JQuery


Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab-CI, Git, Gitlab, Ansible(Novice)

Featured Talks


Static Typing in Python at PyCon India 2020
Simplified Deployment into Cloud using Docker Desktop at OSCONF Hyderabad 2020
Python for DevOps Workshop at EPAM India
Static Typing in Python at VZTecConvene, Jan 2020


Containarized Development using Docker at PyConf Hyderabad 2019
Demystifying Docker for Devs at PyCon India 2019